Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Remarkable Week

This has been quite a week.

I spent Tuesday interacting with the writers and readers on the Seekersville Blog. So far, my most rewarding interview experience. Chatting with about 50 people off and on all day. On Wednesday, we taped the radio interview for "Family Today with Beth Warden." Beth said she'll be replaying it over 5 days in early December. Her show reaches 4 million listeners in Canada. A really nice lady.

On Thursday and Friday I began responding to interview emails from a number of bloggers participating in Revell's Christmas Blog Tour. They'll be promoting The Unfinished Gift the week after Thanksgiving. Some will post interviews, some will review the book and some will reprint the first chapter. I have no idea what to expect, but I'm humbled by all this activity done on my behalf.

Saturday was my final booksigning (for now). We were at the Family Christian Stores in my hometown of Daytona Beach. Janelle, the store manager, was extremely enthusiastic about the book and did a great job talking it up with her customers, in the days leading up to the signing. And it showed. I stayed busy signing books the entire time.

Near the end, I experienced a wonderful surprise.

I looked up to see 4 men, about my age, walk through the door. They stood in front of the table and smiled. I looked up to greet them and, shock of shocks, I couldn't believe my eyes. My four best pals from high school, standing right there. I hadn't seen two of them since my wedding day...33 years ago. One I had seen only once, 9 nears ago. They got together and decided to stop by and buy a book...and honor an old friend.

That's us together in the picture. Standing left to right: Wayne Sobien (attorney), David Dunlop (professional photographer), Vic Watson (attorney) and Dave Ferguson (attorney). That's me sitting dumbfounded in the chair. In high school we were all non-contributing zeroes, surf bums all. If you click on the pic it will get bigger (but a little blurry).

As a pastor and author, I get way more than my share of encouragement, but this was a kindness of a different kind. Words fail me (and that's hard to do). We exchanged numbers, because we're not even close to getting caught up. Turns out, we don't live all that far away from each other, so we're going to meet again. Hopefully real soon.

Like I said, a remarkable week.

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  1. Love the buddies at the booksigning. That is soooo cool!!!!!