Sunday, November 8, 2009

Come Join Me As I Visit the Seekers

This Tuesday, off and on throughout the day, I'll be visiting a very active writers blog called "Seekerville." The blog was created by a number of Christian fiction writers, who were all "seeking" to become published. Two years later, some have become published and some are still seeking.

But the blog has grown to include several hundred followers who visit regularly just to learn and laugh at the posts and comments provided. One of the Seekers is Julie Lessman, a fellow Revell author. Last September when Cindi and I were in Denver, many of the Seekers attended the same writer's conference and spent an evening out together downtown. Julie was kind enough to include us in their group and we had the best time.

Shortly after we got back, they emailed and asked me to schedule a day to visit their group and allow their folks to ask me questions. To get things started, they asked me to write a post about whatever God put on my heart. What I wrote has everything to do with this picture of a turtle on a fencepost. To find out what, you'll have to visit the Seekerville Blog, any time of the day this Tuesday.



    Here is a huge miracle story to share. In 2004 when we met NONE of us (Seekers) had sold. We all met on the "contest circuit". Today. 11 out of 15 have sold in the adult market and of those four left on Unpubbed Island, one has sold in the children's market. Don't those stats run contrary to what the world says about the publishing market today?

    GOD IS GOOD!!!

  2. That really is remarkable, Tina. I'm sure it also has something to do with the benefit and help you all are getting from all the interaction and fellowship.

  3. Hey Dan!
    I agree with Tina! VERY cool that you get to come and hang out with all of us today : D

    That is so cool...your whole story from beginning to end. Plus, I think it's cool that Tina contacted you to speak in Seekerville! I love all the special guests and their posts that come to visit. Maybe someday I'll be invited *grin* LOL!