Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Cover for New Book

My 2nd novel, The Homecoming, is due out June 1st. In almost every bit of feedback I've received for The Unfinished Gift, people end up saying, "Can't wait for the sequel!" That could be folks just being polite, but I'm hoping it's more than that.

Well, plans for The Homecoming just got a little more solid this week. My publisher, Revell, sent me the final artwork for the cover. Click on the pic to see it better. I really like it. It borrows enough from the first book to tie them together but has brand new colors and graphics.

Just as the graphics for The Unfinished Gift hinted at the story inside, they've done the same with this cover. The antique watch and old train ticket point to a significant part of the story, which takes place on a train transporting a USO War Bond tour in 1944. 'Nuff said, for now.

The Homecoming is actually already available for pre-order on Amazon.

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