Sunday, November 22, 2009

New 3-Book Deal!

Two years ago, we were in Texas visiting family around Thanksgiving when my agent called me saying my first book was sold. It was such an exciting moment, to know I would actually be published. Well, we are now in Texas again, visiting family around Thanksgiving, and on Friday I received another call from my agent. This time saying, Revell is offering me a contract to write 3 more books for them!

Thank you Lord for such a wonderful blessing, to be allowed to keep doing something I love to do and to actually be paid to do it.

This contract actually brings the count to 5 books. In between The Unfinished Gift and this new contract, Revell bought my 2nd book, due out this June, called The Homecoming. With this new contract, I'll be writing for them through the spring of 2012.

Here's how the contract looks. They are buying my 3rd book, already finished, called The Deepest Waters. And buying my 4th book, another Christmas novel tentively titled The Book Nook (only 20% complete). And buying a 5th stand-alone novel I haven't even started (we haven't even talked about a possible storyline yet).

It's very humbling to consider the confidence they have to make such an offer. Only God could have made such a thing possible. My confidence is that He will continue to help me in the future as He has helped me in the past, as He is helping me even now.


  1. All I can say is "Wow!" That is pretty amazing. Congratulations and praise God! I've embarked upon an attempt to write thru my blog and participating in NaNoWriMo if you're familiar with that. I've always loved to write now I'm really putting forth an effort.
    Your example is one to give the rest of us hope.

  2. Thanks Arlee. God can still make a way when there is no way. Even with the tight economy, it seems people are still willing to buy books. Nowhere near the money spent on movies or video games but still a good thing, for them and for writers. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh, congratulations!!! I just read a review for The Unfinished Gift and am hoping I win the giveaway. (
    It sounds so good...good enough that I will need to read it whether or not I win! haha! It sounds as if you have quite a talent for writing with the reviews of your first book and your new contract.

    Now I'm off to read your first ten pages. Thanks for a good, solid read!