Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doubleday Book Club picks up The Unfinished Gift

Just got some exciting news from my publisher. Another major book club has picked up The Unfinished Gift. Earlier Crossings, the largest Christian book club, selected it for their members. Now Doubleday Large Print book club has signed on. It's hard to know the exact numbers, but my publisher estimates there are between 400,000 and 1 million members between them both. Another interesting aspect is that while Doubleday has a Christian fiction section, it reaches a wider audience of non-Christian members too.

Plus...it will be pretty cool to see the book in a hardback, large print edition.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bookmarks, Hard at Work on Book 3

Not much news to report on my upcoming release of The Unfinished Gift. Except some bookmarks I made have come in. They came out really nice (click on the pic to see the largest bookmark you've ever seen...it's just the front side). Passing them out to family and friends at church. I'll be giving them away at future book signings, not just to those who buy the book but to anyone who looks at me for more than a few seconds. Whenever the stores finally take the book off the shelf, I'll rent a plane and drop the rest over the city.

I'm using my writing time these days trying to finish my 3rd novel, tentatively titled, The Deepest Waters. It's in the same genre as my first two books but with different characters and a different time and place. Inspired by a true story, it's set in 1857 and involves a newlywed couple separated by a shipwreck. We'll be spending time in old New York City, in San Francisco during the Gold Rush years, and experience life in the open sea aboard old wooden ships. The real, historical events that inspired my fictional tale are truly miraculous and amazing.