Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Unfinished Gift Goes on Tour

Just after Thanksgiving my novel is going on tour, all over the country...without me.

Just a few years ago, such a thing was unheard of. One more example of the internet changing the way people do business. It's a pretty cool thing, especially for writers. It's called a blog tour. Like a virtual booksigning tour, except I don't go anywhere, and I only sign a few books.

I heard about this a few months ago. Immediately saw the potential. A great way for a lot of people to hear about your book in a short period of time. Most writers have to put them together by themselves. Lots of hard work and lots of time. Lots of time I don't have.

Another reason I'm grateful to God for putting me with Revell. Revell is a division of Baker Publishing Group. Baker has created their own blog tour. They've done all the work to set it up, way better than I ever could have.

Here's what's going to happen. Revell has put a team of bloggers together, about 100 of them. They all love fiction. Some are authors, all are writers. They read books and write reviews for their "followers," people who read their blogs on a regular basis. Some bloggers have a few dozen followers, some have hundreds.

Very soon, Revell is going to send them a copy of my book and fellow Revell author, Melody Carlson's book, The Christmas Dog. They'll read our books, review them on their blog, usually with a graphic of the book's cover (1-click away from Amazon). To encourage their readers to read the whole thing, those who comment are entered into a contest to recieve a free signed copy of the book.

In a week's time, hundreds if not thousands of interested Christian fiction readers from all over the country will find out about The Unfinished Gift at the peak of the Holiday Season, right after Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 3oth through Dec 4th).

And all this will happen without me ever getting off of the couch. An amazing thing. Well...that's just a saying. I don't sit on the couch that much. Not all the time, anyway. No more than anyone else.

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  1. Our Readers are going to be excited to learn more about both of these books! I'm grateful to have been chosen to be able to read and review these Wonderful Reads!!