Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Sign...I'm Signing...I'm a Signer!

The title to this post will only make sense to fans of "What About Bob?" One of my favorite comedies, starring Bill Murray. He plays a rather pathetic soul whose afraid of everything. In one scene, we see him literally tied to a mast on a sailboat, and he shouts out the victory moment: "I Sail...I'm Sailing...I'm a Sailor!"

That's the sense of exhilaration I felt as we concluded my first book signing this afternoon at a real store (with real customers coming up to the table). I've done one at a writer's conference, and at my church, but today many of these were people I don't even know (did I mention...I sign...I'm a signer now).

No one even asked me where the restrooms were. Before it started, I made sure to find out just in case. One man did ask me where the cash register was, but everyone else that came to the table bought a book. And they wanted ME to sign it (I'm a signer now, I sign).

I've got three more scheduled over the next 4 weeks. But hey, I'm okay now. I sign.

On a more serious note...I want to thank all of those who also came out, who do know me and came out to support me. I'm especially humbled by those who did, who've already bought and read the book, but you came anyway. And many of you bought additional copies as gifts for others. But you know and I could have bought those copies online much cheaper. But you know, and I know why you bought them today.

I am humbled by your kindness.

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