Friday, October 23, 2009

New Email Gadget - Help me test it?

As I continue my slow crawl from the primordial ooze of internet ignorance...I've responded to some advice that suggested I put a gadget on my blog that would allow people to receive emails notifying them of any new posts I write (did that even make sense?).

I went to a site called Feedblitz, the one recommended as "super-easy". Apparently, I should have been directed to the one that is "ridiculously-super-easy," because I hardly understood a word of the super-easy instructions. But in the end, you might notice the gadget is there on my blog site just under my picture.

The question is...does it work? Did I do it right? I'm wondering if some of you would use it and let me know if my posts are sent to your email account. That's the general idea, to keep you from having to check back since I only post a few times a week (or less).

If this is successful, it will give me confidence to add a widget that will allow me to create an email list for a newsletter (this would be sent out even less often, every other month or so).

So...jump in if you dare (I salesman will call).

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