Saturday, August 22, 2009

My 2 Biggest Fans

The adventure of becoming published, of seeing a book I've written on bookstore shelves and on the internet, has been interesting and mostly enjoyable. But I'm totaly unaccustomed to the concept of "growing my fan base." I've got a Facebook fan site now. I'm reading articles that instruct me on how to get more of my fans to read my blog.

I've never considered such things important before.

I was reminded this morning of two fans whose support I can forever count on. They're loyalty is unwavering. It's as if their world revolves around me, as if their greatest delights are found in whatever interests me. They, literally, lay at my feet. If I simply get up to go to the bathroom, they will arise from a sound slumber to follow me down the hall. When I come out, they are waiting in the hall. If I go out to get the mail, they greet me with the same intensity as if I'd been gone for weeks.

And they can't even read.

What can I say? Bailey, Darcy...thanks (it doesn't seem near enough). I'm reminded of something a comedian once said: "My goal in life is to one day become half the man my dogs think I am."


  1. I love dogs. They are such a comfort. Love you no matter what. Kind of like God?

  2. They are something. Your mom and I took a walk around the hotel here in Denver and thought how much fun it would be to have them walking here with us. Guess we need grandkids badly.