Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Customer Review - 5 Stars

The Unfinished Gift has been out in most of the online stores for about a week but, so far, haven't seen any customer reviews.

Until last night. A young man from South Dakota, named Steve, gave my book its first customer rating (I'm assuming he's a young man because he called me Mr. Walsh). It was on

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Reviewed by Steve (South Dakota), August 28, 2009

This book was an amazing read! I am a christian who enjoys reading christian fiction as well as secular fiction. Mr. Walsh does a fine job of re-creating 1940's Philadelphia! I myself am a World War 2 buff so this book was a wonderful, well written and albeit emotional journey! Don't let the Christmas theme throw you off its not an overpowering Christmas book! It is an inspirational and moving piece about a family coming back together. I would recommend this book to Men and Women of all ages :)

Thanks Steve, glad you enjoyed the book.

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