Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Great Reviews for The Deepest Waters In

This week my 3rd novel, The Deepest Waters, officially released. I say "officially" because it began showing up in online stores, and even some retail outlets a week ago. Some wonderful reviews have come in this past week. Some are too long to re-post here, so I'll share some excerpts.

Except this first one, from 3-time Christy-award winning author, Athol Dickson (author of books such as River Rising and Lost Mission). Click on his name to view his website. This is the entire quote:

"I stayed up all night to finish The Deepest Waters, which is something I have not done in years. It has everything: action, romance, tearful partings, desperate situations, beautiful and terrifying natural settings, history, characters I hated and characters I loved, and plenty of unexpected twists, all wrapped up in eloquent and straightforward prose. It's a wonderful read, with a compelling message about the healing power of faith."

"The depths of characterization and the emotions evoked make this powerful story a true winner. Dan Walsh’s detailed account takes readers onboard and keeps them eagerly sailing throughout the journey, despite the uncertain outcome. I appreciate his style and writing ability and want to read every book he pens. Don’t miss the adventure in The Deepest Waters! (The title forms a parallel between the ocean setting and the abiding love explored within the novel’s pages). This book was inspired by an actual event and some of the extraordinary happenings 150 years ago."

--Mary Hake, President,
Oregon Christian Writers

"Usually not a big fan of historical fiction, I find myself enjoying reading it when Walsh writes. His ability to take the reader back in time is magical, while simultaneously teaching us about that particular time and place in history...The Deepest Waters, like his first two novels, is first-rate. Walsh is a new author who transcends many genres and will appeal to both men and women. He writes books that refresh our spirit and give us hope that all is not lost in a world filled with danger and threats of destruction. His ability to weave romance throughout his work will attract many readers who enjoy wholesome stories with a redeeming theme. His stories will bring tears to your eyes as he reaches into the hearts of his characters, allowing them to emote passion and sincerity. He had me searching for a tissue on more than one occasion..."

--NY Journal of Books,
John M. Wills, reviewer

It does wonderful things for my soul reading things like this. I loved every part of researching and writing this book. So satisfying to see it affecting others the same way. And I'm so grateful for the things God did back in 1857, the true events that inspired it (apologize for all the italics, can't shut them off for some reason).


  1. Here's another one, Dan:

    I loved your book!

  2. Thanks Judylnn, I'll go read it now. So glad you liked it.