Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Deepest Waters - Blog Tour Part 2

As last week ended, the blog tour for The Deepest Waters wrapped up, as well. My publisher sent me a list of all the bloggers who participated. They said 5 or 6 more might come in a little late. I realized as I looked over the list, I hadn't seen many of them before. I'm guessing something is amiss with Google Alerts.

For my first 2 books, I'd set a Google Alert to flag me any time someone wrote about the books, mainly so I could visit these blogs in a timely way. With the other two blog tours, I was getting sometimes 5 or 10 alerts a day. This time, maybe 1 or 2 (and some of those were about scuba diving off "the deepest waters" near some reef). But I was able to visit them over the last few days and, once again, was overwhelmed by the responses to the book.

Here are a number of excerpts. Click on the blog name, if you'd like to read the full review:

“I loved everything about this book. It has so much packed within its pages from historical fiction and romance to suspense and some action…If you have not had the chance to read any of Dan’s books, I would suggest reading them ALL. They are that good!”

-- Café Lily

“This week MiscMayzee is featuring a blog tour for an absolutely wonderful volume, The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh. This Christian fiction novel features so many solid plot elements that it is difficult to pick one place to start.”

-- MiscMayzee

“This was a captivating epic love story! It’s an honest story that touches your heart and soul…This was a moving, larger-than-life story. I was inspired as I read about these characters holding out for God’s best for them, whatever that may be. This novel would make a great movie.”

-- Nora St. Laurent – Finding Hope Through Fiction

“I read this book in two days. If it weren't for the fact I had to sleep, it would have been done in one! I just could not put it down. I had to know what happened.”

-- Passionate Perseverance Blog

“I’ve not had the pleasure of reading Dan Walsh’s previous books, but that’s about to change. Thank you, Dan Walsh and Revell Books, for providing such a riveting, hold-your-breath read.”

-- Peg Phifer’s Blog

“Dan Walsh knew a good story when he heard about this particular bit of history and he was right. But for him to take that and turn it into an absolutely amazing tale that kept me glued to the book - fantastic! I totally loved this book. Probably my favorite of the year as of right now.”

-- Cornhusker Academy Blog

The Deepest Waters is an inspiring and uplifting story that has left me feeling so happy and satisfied. This is a delightful story that has enough action and adventure to appeal to a male audience, but at the same time there is enough tenderness and love to appeal to any woman reading this book. Dan is very good at having that warm and tender quality in his books that makes me as a reader really happy to have invested my time. I highly recommend The Deepest Waters. I guarantee no reader will be disappointed.”

-- Carlybird’s Home

These are just a few of the dozens of reviews I read, and only a few sentences from each one. Thanks to all the others who participated that I didn't mention here. And a special thanks to Donna Hausler at Revell, for all her hard work putting this blog tour together.

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