Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Deepest Waters Goes On Tour

Starting this past Sunday, my 3rd novel, The Deepest Waters, has been on tour. A blog tour, that is. My publisher, Revell, launched the tour with fifty-five bloggers throughout the country. Each received review copies of The Deepest Waters several weeks ago, giving them time to read it before the tour began. Some will also be doing interviews with me and giving away free copies of the book.

I'm writing this on Thursday. Already dozens of bloggers have responded, and I've been overwhelmed by their reaction. I couldn't cite them all, but here's a sampling of what I've been reading this week. I've put the links after the quotes, if you'd like to read the entire review.

"This is Dan Walsh's third book, and I have been fortunate to have reviewed all three. And like the other two he wrote, this is an excellent piece of fiction...I started reading this book this evening, and as often with a great book, got pulled into it and could not put it down."

-- Thoughts of a Sojourner Blog

“Dan Walsh has become one of those authors that whatever he writes I will read. This is a great book!”

--Lori's Book Reviews (Rating: 5 Stars)

“This is the third book Dan Walsh has written and in my opinion it is his best yet… I highly recommend this book and will keep it for my private collection.”

--Trinity's Rose Garden

“In my opinion, Dan can officially be dubbed, ‘The Nicholas Sparks of Christian fiction.’ If you love romance―particularly historical romance―you won't want to miss out on this book.”

-- Lynda Schab – On the Write Track

“This is one of those books that will grab you at the first page and not let you go until the last… I am writing this review with droopy eyes since I could not put the story down and read all night from cover to cover!”

--Lulu – Knits and Reads

"I loved the writing style, the tone of the story, the setting. I loved all of it. The spiritual thread was well done, too...This book is making my favorites list!"

-- Michelle Sutton, Edgy Inspirational Author Blog

"Ever since I read The Homecoming by Dan Walsh I have been a huge fan of his. His books instantly capture my interest and attention, which was the case with this book as well...His book made me cry, but in the best possible way. I cannot wait to read Dan Walsh's next novel in the Fall!"

-- Melinda Joy Blogspot

I wish I had the time and space to include excerpts from all of them. Thanks to each of you for taking the time to read my book and let others know about it. It's a humbling thing to read such things, makes me want to get right back to my keyboard and start hammering away.


  1. I'm there any plan for the books to be released as a set? I was thinking they would be perfect for my dad as a gift. (I only read The Unfinished Gift, but can't wait for the others to be in my hands!)


  2. Annette,

    At this Doesn't mean it won't happen. And I'd love to see it. Revell has done that with several authors' books, so it's a possibility down the road. Usually, they don't do this until a few years after the single books have been in print.

    Don't know if you bought the hard back or paperback version of The Unfinished Gift. But they did release it in paperback last summer, so at least you could get 2 books that were the same.


  3. This book tour sounds great! I'm going to go read through some of their reviews and thoughts. Is there any chance that an entire list of the 55 blogs is available? Just curious.

    ~ Tarissa

  4. Thanks Tarissa,

    Actually, I set an alert using Google, to tell me whenever The Deepest Waters showed up somewhere. Then added my name (since I was getting alerts about scuba diving). Another way is just to type my name and the book title. Pages and pages come up. Easy to scan and see which ones are blogs.


  5. That is a great idea--thanks. I like using Google Alerts for other things, so I'm familiar with it.

    I wish you the best success with this new book!! You're a great author. God Bless You!