Friday, June 4, 2010

Recommending a Good Book

I don't normally review books on my blog. Certainly not against it, just a time thing. But I wanted to recommend a book I've just finished reading, especially to fans of my first two novels. It's called, A Distant Melody, by a fellow Revell author named Sarah Sundin.

It's a great WW2 story, the first of three she is writing. As you know, both The Unfinished Gift and The Homecoming are set during WW2. Fans of my 2nd book will especially like A Distant Melody, because it's also a love story. Sarah does a great job setting the characters and story in its historical time frame. Lots of period details and atmosphere. Felt at times like I was watching a movie from that era. And she does a great job simmering the romantic tension between the two main characters, Walt and Allie.

I think guys will like this book, too. She has some great battle scenes with Walt flying his B-17 over enemy skies. I've read dozens of WW2 aviation books in my own research. Sarah doesn't miss a lick. Just the right amount of detail to keep the tension high. The dialog between the guys is spot on.

If you like my novels, do yourself a favor and check out, A Distant Melody.

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  1. Thanks, Dan! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The opinion of a guy and a fellow WWII buff means a lot :)