Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Cover to my 3rd Novel is Out!

I've just learned, my publisher has posted the cover to my 3rd novel, The Deepest Waters, on Amazon. That means I can display it now, too. I've known about it for 2 months, but had agreed not to show it online until they firmed everything up on their end.

It's a departure from the cover style of my first two novels, The Unfinished Gift and The Homecoming (which has just released on the first of this month). But I love it. It's my favorite of the three so far (click on it and it will get bigger).

It's set for release in April 2011. The Deepest Waters was inspired by a true story. Here's a brief summary of what's in store:

It's September 1857. A couple on their honeymoon is separated by a shipwreck. Their beautiful steamship, the SS Vandervere, has collided with a fierce hurricane and is damaged beyond repair. Just before she goes down, an old wooden ship comes to their rescue. But it only has room to take the women and children aboard. The couple is pulled apart, weeping, certain they will never see each other again. She sails off alone to New York, aboard a ship full of grieving widows and orphans, to face a family she has never met.

The Deepest Waters weaves a tale full of action and suspense, and yet it is also an amazing love story that could only happen if miracles do come true.


  1. Oh wow! That's not a book cover - that's artwork!! Revell has outdone themselves.

  2. I thought the same thing as soon as I saw it. I'm going to ask if there's a way I can get the artwork print they used converted to something I can hang on my wall.

    Is your 2nd cover out yet, Sarah?

  3. I love that cover and what an exciting story. Can't wait to read it.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. LOVE the cover of book three - It's very inviting. The stoy sounds good too. I look forward to reading it. I enjoyed The Homecoming book even more than book number 1. Thanks for sharing.

    Nora St.Laurent
    The Book Club Network

  5. WHOA, Dan, between the very "Nicholas Sparks" cover and the Nick Sparks quote at the top, you are going to draw them in big time, my friend! LOVE it!!

    Congrats on the release of The Homecoming ... looks wonderful too!


  6. Thanks Nora and Julie. Between The Homecoming just coming out and then the release of this new cover...I think I'll remember June 2010 for awhile.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Indianapolis!

  7. It's gorgeous! So excited for you. And can't wait to see you in Indy, too!

  8. Thanks so much, Cara. Just 2 mos away now.