Monday, September 21, 2009

Updates from the ACFW Conference

I'm writing this, a little bit snowed in, at a cabin in Estes Park, Colorado. My wife and I stayed a few days after the conference, hoping to see the Rockies. Instead, we're here for their first snowfall of the September. But then, God's ways are always best. I'm actually getting to do something as a writer I've always dreamed of doing...writing in a mountain cabin surrounded by snow and breathtaking scenery.

We had the best time at the ACFW Conference. Learned a lot. Got to meet and chat with a number of people I've been emailing for the last year or so.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Had my first book signing (pic to the left). I was a little nervous at first, but things went smoothly. Actually got to sign quite a few.
  • Got to meet my agent, Karen Solem, for the first time. We've been emailing and phone calling for 2 years. She had just finished reading my 3rd novel, The Deepest Waters, and loved it. She can't wait to send it to the publisher.
  • Got to meet and chat with 2 author friends I've gotten to know this past year, Colleen Coble and Deborah Raney (click on their names to see their websites).
  • Cindi and I spent Friday evening touring downtown Denver with Julie Lessman, her husband and a number of other authors and spouses. Julie is another Revell author. Her novel won "Debut Novel of the Year" at the conference.
  • Went by the conference bookstore just as the conference ended. Only 1 copy of my book left. Several people at the conference came up to me and said they'd already started reading it there. One very kind lady told me she couldn't stop reading it and had already finished it before the conference was over.
The best part of it all...I got to experience all this with Cindi, my wife and friend for life.


  1. I'm so glad you just posted to the loop because I couldn't remember y'all's last name! It was so great meeting you both and hearing the story of your writing journey as we rode the light rail to downtown Denver. Your story had a great impact me, reminding me that God sees it all.

  2. Cindi and I had such a wonderful time last Friday, with you and the group. If there's one thing I have learned on my journey is that God is very interested in the details of our lives. And He hears our prayers. His ways are not our ways (especially His timing), but when I look back, I wouldn't have wanted it to turn out any other way. Looking forward to hearing how your journey unfolds.