Monday, September 21, 2009

Check one more thing off my Bucket List

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman were in a movie last year called The Bucket List (things they hoped to do before they "kicked the bucket").

Regarding my writing, I guess I've got a list like this. I'm getting a little nervous, though. Several of my items have been getting checked off in fairly rapid fashion. Obviously, one was to have a novel published. Check. Another was to have a novel published by a major publishing house. Check (same novel). A third was to have a novel published in hardback. Check (again, same novel).

On Sunday, as we prepared to leave Denver for the mountains, we stopped off at a local grocery store to pick up a few things. The half-n-half was way in the back (Cindi must have coffee and coffee must have half-n-half). I randomly picked an aisle to go down, must have been twenty. It was the magazine/book aisle. As I walked I was reminded of a bucket list thought: "Wouldn't it be cool someday to see one of my books in a grocery store like this?" I've only seen it in bookstores (which is still amazing), but I know grocery stores only carry a few books compared to the thousands in bookstores.

I was shocked (as you can see on my face) to find my book, right there on the shelf. They only had about 5 fiction titles mingled with a wide variety of subjects.

So kind of God to make this happen, somehow getting the book on a grocery store shelf all the way out here in Denver, and having me walk right past it (Cindi thinks her love of half-n-half should get some credit).

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