Monday, December 21, 2009

The Unfinished Gift # 4 on Kindle!

I know this isn't the New York Times bestseller list, but The Unfinished Gift reached a pretty high place for a brief shining moment this week. A few days ago it was #4 on Amazon's Kindle sales ranking for Christmas books.

It was quite a sight to see it climb up the ranking this way. When I saw it, I clicked on the list to see who else was there and there was my book at #4. Ranking at #1 was Glenn Beck's book, then Mike Huckabee's book, then William Bennett's Christmas book (3 major conservatives on TV all the time). But there was my novel right behind their's at #4.

As of this writing, it's at #6. Two of Melody Carlson's Christmas novels have pulled in front. But this is good news for my publisher also. Both of these novels are also published by Revell.

The hardcover edition of The Unfinished Gift is also doing well, but has a lot more competition since only a small percentage of published books are also available on Kindle. Right now it's at #19 for Christmas books. It's been as high as #13 but seems to bump back and forth between #15-30.

One very encouraging development has been the connection between my book and bestselling author Richard Paul Evan's Christmas book, The Christmas List. My editors at Revell feel my writing and storytelling style resemble his. He has a huge readership. His first novel, The Christmas Box, has sold over 8 million copies and, since then, he's had 12 consecutive New York Times bestsellers. The hope would be that some of his readers would discover my books and that, of course, would be a very good thing.

There's some evidence this may be happening, at least on Amazon. If you click on his book and scroll down to "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought," my book is the 4th book over in his list.

I have no idea what all this means in terms of overall book sales, but I'm thanking God for seeing this kind of progress in such a short time. It's far more than I expected. As I thank God, I also want to thank all of you who've bought a copy (and so many who've emailed me saying they're buying extra copies as gifts for friends and loves ones).

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