Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Blog Tour Ends

As the weekend wrapped up, the Christmas Blog Tour came to an end. Earlier last week, I was able to keep up, even posting a sampling of blog sites each day. But as the week ended, I got a little swamped. There were 77 bloggers who featured The Unfinished Gift on their blogs throughout the United States and Canada. Revell told me it was their most successful blog tour so far.

Some did interviews, most reviewed the book and posted excerpts of the early chapters, some even previewed the sequel. I tried to visit as many as I could. It was a humbling experience. So many positive responses, far stronger than I anticipated.

Here are a few of the more profound remarks:
  • "Powerful. Amazing. Fantastic. That's how I would describe this book!" - Buukluvr81
  • "I'm not in the habit of giving books 'stars' on my blog, but if I did, and 5 stars was the highest, then 5 stars it would get." - Thoughts of a Sojourner
  • "Wonderful, wonderful read...just make sure you have a box of tissues close while reading this inspiring novel! - Frugal Plus
  • "It is beautifully written, woven together with all the colors of human emotion. I cannot wait until the sequel comes out!" - Jocelyn at Faith Deployed
  • "This is a book to read yourself, and then buy copies for all your friends and family, a book that will go on your keeper shelf to read next year. And the year following. And the year following that." - Laura at Lighthouse Academy
I wish I could post a little piece from them all. My heartfelt thanks to all who participated and for Donna Hausler at Revell for all her hard work putting this together.


  1. Congratulations, Dan. What a joy to watch your success unfold the way it has! God has displayed His faithfulness to you, and it inspires me in my own writing endeavors. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
    Debi Walter

  2. Thanks Debi. It's been quite a ride these past few months. What are you working on at the moment?