Monday, March 5, 2012

A Getaway to Charleston & Savannah - Sites in The Discovery

Cindi by famous B&B - Two Meeting St Inn
Just put the finishing touches on a little getaway Cindi and I will be taking soon to two locations featured in my upcoming novel, The Discovery. We're celebrating a little on this trip, since I've just finished my new book with Gary Smalley called, The Dance (due out this time next year). But the real purpose of the trip is to promote my next book and get some fun pics of locations I actually write about in the novel.

I plan to create a special page of photos in Facebook and on my website, taking readers to these places in Charleston and Savannah, as well as adding a number of photos of historic spots in Daytona Beach (a large part of the "book within a book" in The Discovery take place in Daytona during WW2).

Fancy 18th Century backyard Charleston Garden
I'm also hoping to connect with a number of bookstores and souvenir vendors in Charleston, making them aware of how The Discovery features this wonderfully historic town (which gets over 4 million tourists a year). Many of them feature books about Charleston in little displays inside the store.

If you've never visited Charleston, check into it. Cindi and I went there on our 10th anniversary (now 25 years ago), and fell in love with the place. We've probably visited it easily 20 times since. Never get tired of it.

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