Monday, December 5, 2011

Fun December Updates - Remembering Christmas #1 on Amazon

This last week has been kind of a whirlwind of activity with my newest book Remembering Christmas. And all this coming on top of 3 writing assignments happening at the same time. First, my main task is writing the book I'm co-authoring with Gary Smalley (just finished chapter 13). Then my beloved editor, Andrea, sends me the edits for The Reunion, the book that comes out next Spring (the edits are due before Christmas). Then the copy editor, Kristin, sends me the final proofs for The Discovery, the book coming out in April (due in less than 2 weeks). Yikes.

But for a writer, these are good challenges. Great even. I remind myself of this when I'm tempted to complain. Here are some of the fun updates to share about my latest book, Remembering Christmas:

#1 on Amazon!

For pretty much all of last week, my new novel, Remembering Christmas, has been ranking at #1 or #2 on Amazon's bestsellers list in 3 categories: Christian Fiction, Christian Romance and Christmas books. It had been ranking between #10 and #15 before (and I was thrilled with that).

But it jumped right up there and stayed there a while. It was actually ahead of mega bestselling author Karen Kingsbury's new book, Longing. I couldn't believe it. And in the Christmas category, it pulled ahead of Glen Beck's huge bestseller, The Snow Angel.

Not sure how long the book will stay in this "zone," but it's a first for me to see these numbers. At one point, my third novel, The Deepest Waters, was ranking at #4 in Christian fiction. So for a few days, I had 2 books in the top 5.

At the moment, there are 55 customer reviews on Amazon for Remembering Christmas, 49 of them are either 4-5 Stars.

#10 on ECPA's Weekly Bestseller's List

Early last week someone sent me a link about an article written in Christian Retailing magazine. It talked about the impact Christmas novels were having on sales in bookstores nationwide. In fact, four of the top 10 bestsellers that week (the week before Thanksgiving) were Christmas novels. And my book, Remembering Christmas, was #10. Two fellow Revell authors' Christmas books were also in the top 10. Suzanne Woods Fisher's A Lancaster County Christmas, and Melody Carlson's Christmas Shoppe.

It was so encouraging to read this, because this list is a broader reflection of sales nationwide, since it includes the retail bookstores. To read the full article, Click Here.

On the Radio

I also had 3 radio interviews this past week. I've done radio interviews for my other books before but never 3 in one week.

The first was for ReachFM. We did some taped interviews with Anitra Parmele who has a daily radio show hosted from Calvary Chapel church in Fort Lauderdale (I'll actually be down there visiting Anitra and doing some special events this weekend in the area). The radio spots will be running all this week, and Revell has donated 10 of my books to give to listeners (5 each of The Unfinished Gift and Remembering Christmas).

Then I was interviewed by Andy Farmer on Author's Corner with KNEO radio, station in Neosho, Missouri. And finally on blog radio on the G Zone with host Giovanni Gelati. Giovanni had read the book, loved it, and we chatted for almost 45 minutes, not just about the new book but a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes things. You can hear this interview by clicking here.

Well, I better get back to my writing assignments, so I can keep my head above water. Thanks to all of you for buying and downloading copies of the book. Don't worry about me. I can handle the excitement.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog, what an absolute honor! I responded to your comment on my blog by the way. I have just started reading Remembering Christmas, already loving it. Congrats on topping the charts on Amazon and ECBA's bestselling list. Off to continue reading your book. :)