Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some Great Early Reviews for Remembering Christmas

My 4th novel, Remembering Christmas, is barely out of the gate, and I've already read four 5-star reviews on Amazon. Definitely off to a good start. Living in Florida, it's a little early for me to "get in a Christmas mood" in September (we're still hitting the mid-90's in the afternoon). But I'm so grateful to those willing to read this book this far out from Christmas. Especially touched by those who've said they think it's a book worth reading year-round.

Here's a sampling of what they said:

Remembering Christmas would make a good movie - "I would give this book more stars if I could. This is not just a Christmas book but a family love story.It is a beautiful told story of how a family can still come together after years of wrong assumptons, misunderstandings & secrets.It also shows the power of prayer & love...This is a book I will give as gifts & recommend to my family & friends."
-- Wilma Metcalf, Tennessee

A Heart Stir of a Christmas Story - "Another Walsh Christmas book. More historical drama, but this time in 1980. The same compelling need to read through to the end, which is always a satisfying finale with this author...It's a modern prodigal parable with those signature Dan Walsh twists...What begins as a typical cozy Christmas historical fiction romance suddenly takes the typical Walsh author twist surprising the reader. It caught me blindside (I like that!). This Christian author offers a literature ministry--but not preachy. His stories (including all 3 previous books) are a blessing. They are life-like; so believable."

-- Harold Wolf "Doc" - Wells, Indiana

Rich, Satisfying and Full of Hope - "This is a great read and not just for the holidays. Though it's a serious look at family relations and growing up long after we become adults, there are many light moments in this book. It's a story of a young man who comes home to help his mother when his stepfather becomes ill, and the pages are full of details from a time not so long ago. A fast pace with well-drawn characters, I was charmed. Walsh helps you to see your family, and even strangers, in a different light. Remembering Christmas is rich, satisfying, and full of hope."
-- Vannetta Chapman, Amish Fiction author

Stirring Story Year-Round - "Don't be fooled by the slow development of Dan Walsh's latest novel. The realistic individuals peopling this powerful book work their way into readers' hearts, and they'll soon be caught up in the unfolding drama. Remembering Christmas is a stirring story of love's transforming power, a touching tale for any time of year...Readers will be able to identify with these issues, which mirror modern life in our frenetic world. Remembering Christmas can help us slow down and savor the important things. Enjoy the story and its unexpected twist, but never forget its message."

--Mary Ann Hake - Author, Editor,
President of Oregon Christian Writers

I gotta doesn't hurt reading things like this. I know as the book gets out there, not all the reviews will read like this. But I'm grateful to God for encouragement like this coming so soon.

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