Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reviewing a Great WW2 Love Story

My friend and fellow Revell author, Sarah Sundin's newest novel releases this week. It's called Blue Skies Tomorrow, the third and final edition to her Wings of Glory series. If you like great love stories, especially ones set in the 1940's, you won't want to miss this book.

Sarah captures the era perfectly. Whether we're talking life on the homefront or battles in the skies over Germany, she doesn't miss a thing. This is true with her other two novels in the series, but especially true with Blue Skies Tomorrow. In one sense, I hesitate to refer to this book as a great love story, because it's much more. As the romance of Lt. Ray Novak and Helen Carlisle simmers and sputters through a series of almost impossible obstacles, Sarah pulls back the curtain on a number of weighty social issues. Taboo topics at the time, such as spousal abuse and racism in the military. But she handles them very well, weaving them seamlessly into the plot.

I know guys are often unwilling to read love stories, especially books written by a woman (thankfully women are not the same about similar books written by a man). But guys, I'm telling you...Sarah has written a great action story here, too. I've read dozens of WW2 books over the years. I love this era and know it well. Sarah nails it on the action/suspense front. She had me right there with Ray Novak, at times holding my breath as he sneaks around a secret Nazi airbase at night. Many chapters in this book read like pages from a thriller novel.

I don't want to give the ending away. Let's just say, very satisfying. I'm so glad Revell has signed her to write another series set in WW2. Well done, Sarah. Your best work yet! I can easily and eagerly recommend Blue Skies Tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks, Dan! It means a lot that you enjoy the book! And I'm always glad when a guy likes the stories :)