Thursday, July 7, 2011

My First Television Interview

Yesterday, we confirmed the dates, so now it's official.

Since my first novel, The Unfinished Gift, released in September 2009, I've done dozens of blog interviews, magazine interviews and even quite a few radio interviews. Now for the first time, I'm being interviewed for TV.

The hosts of a It's A New Day, a 1-hour daily television show in Canada, have asked to tape a series of interviews with me for the upcoming Christmas season. We'll be flying up to Canada to talk about my first novel, which is set during Christmastime in 1943, as well as my next release, Remembering Christmas, which releases on September 1st (the interviews will be taped in mid-October, so this book will be out by then).

Another exciting aspect to this is that my wife, Cindi, is coming with me. They may even include her in the interviews (I've mentioned how involved she is, behind-the-scenes, in my writing). Another very cool thing, we'll be taping these interviews just a few days after we celebrate our 35th anniversary.

Unfortunately, we don't get It's A New Day in Florida where we live, but their program is available and can be viewed online. Here's a little bit about the television show and its hosts:

Now in our 30th year of television, It's a New Day broadcasts on various stations throughout Canada, via satellite in the U.S. and Europe, and is streamed online throughout the world. Featuring leading authors, theologians, pastors, and teachers from Canada, the United States, and other international countries, this one-hour daily program provides solid content in a range of Christian teaching, testimony and music.

Hosts Willard and Betty Thiessen (far left and far right) and Bob and Audrey Meisner (in the center) are excited about communicating the Christian message in an understandable and relevant way. They desire to bring hope and healing to Canadians and connect people to the love of Jesus Christ.

Needless to say, we are SO excited! To find out more about the program, Click Here.

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