Thursday, August 12, 2010

2 Great Reviews of The Homecoming

Just read two great blog reviews about my newest book, The Homecoming, today. Here's a couple excerpts (click on the name to read the whole review):

"Dan Walsh is a brilliant writer in my opinion. His book The Unfinished Gift was amazing and Homecoming is the sequel to that first book. Often sequels can be less impressive than the original, that is not the case here." -- Random Bits of Shoz

"You really need to have tissue handy when reading this book. It's an emotional, heartwarming, fast paced story full of adventure, love, drama, family, and forgiveness. This beautifully written historical, romance novel is a must read! I'm definitely going to grab a copy of the first book now." -- Crystal at Reading and Reviewing Blog

To me, writing is a joy in itself; all the more when a writer gets to read things like this about your work. Thank you "Shoz" and Crystal, you made my day.

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