Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Das Unvollendete Geschenk...say what?

I'm guessing most Americans won't know what the first 3 words in the title line mean. I'd be among them, except for one of the free online translator sites on the internet.

Das = The

Unvollendete = Unfinished

Geschenk = Gift

In German.

I received an exciting email from my publisher yesterday, saying Francke-Buchandlung GmbH, an organization based in Germany, has officially signed a contract with Baker Publishing for a German-language edition of The Unfinished Gift.

The book is already available in a few other countries, like Canada and England, and will soon be available in South Africa. But these are still the same English editions available in the US. This represents the first translation of the book into a foreign language. An editor from the firm said they plan to market the book in Switzerland and Austria, as well.

I'm grateful to the folks at Francke-Buchandlung for this marvelous opportunity. Who knows... God may someday allow me to see Das Unvollendete Geschenk on a shelf somewhere in Germany.

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