Friday, June 19, 2009

The Other Dan Walsh

I've recently become aware (maybe some of you have) that there is another Dan Walsh, also an author, who published a book before me. Sometimes people will Google me or be referred to my website when they were looking for his (or vice-versa). Here's a copy of his book. If you see it, keep clicking. Not me.

Recently I was sent to one website called, "Hellbent for Leather," featuring his book cover. Guess the other Dan Walsh is a biker and writes biker books. The only leather I care about is my laptop case. And I'm happy to report, I am now over that addiction (I used to trade 'em way too often).

But I got over it, because I'm tough. Laptop-leather tough.


  1. This can be such a problem. I have the same name as a Columbine survivor, a homemaker with 8 homeschooled kids (she has great advice!but not me) and a few others. And growing up I didn't even know ANYONE named Crystal.

    Anyway, just found your book and sites and look forward to your stories.

  2. Crystal,

    Sorry for not responding sooner. Just noticed your comment. Still think I'd rather get mixed up with your namesakes than mine.

    My son read a little of what my namesake has written, and he laughed. Said me and this guy could not be more different. I'm writing Hallmark tales, he's writing bad dude biker books (with bad dude language, etc).